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"right turn"....Alice in Chains

Well the day is off to a good start. Kris' bedroom is right next to the kitchen. I go in there to get some water and he pounds on his wall that I'm making too much noise.

Can't take it anymore. I want to move at the end of our lease, wanted to last year but I didn't have enough for a deposit. My son, AJ, found an apt with a no deposit move-in special. Maybe I can find something like that.

Anyway, I was thinking maybe I could talk with my last landlord and talk about making payments on a deposit. She knows I'm good for it. Just might be a viable option. But her properties are so far from bus stops. I was lucky with the last apt. The bus stop was right by my place. I'm hoping to find a move-in special.

Spurs tonight. Finally. Been waiting a week for this game.

Kris better get out of his fucking mood. I'm not going to stop living just because he stays up all night long and is just going to bed when I get up. He was in a crappy mood yesterday. Day before that he was in a good mood. He needs meds but if you even suggest it he goes berzerk.

Monday we went to WalMart and this is what happened on the way home. First of all he's got the worst case of road rage I can imagine a human being ever having. He goes nuts if the car in front of him is going slower than he is. In front of us is an elderly woman and she's not going very fast. Kris hits the gas like he's going to rear-end her then slams on the brakes. He does this about 3 times. Came to the intersection. She's going straight and we're turning right. He goes around her through the gravel before we even get to the turn lane, pulls up next to her and yells, "Fuckin bitch!!!". Then peels out and almost throws us into oncoming traffic.

I do a lot of praying in Kris' car.

8:09 a.m. - 02.19.15


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